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8 Secrets to Beat the Heat This Summer

Jun 21, 2021 2:16:13 PM / by GHR Technology

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Woman Feet in Pool_CroppedWhether it’s the Farmers’ Almanac or the latest predictions from the National Weather Service, Summer 2021 is promising to be a scorcher!

That being said, there’s no reason to let hot temperatures keep you from enjoying your summer fun. Here are some simple suggestions to help you handle the heat and take advantage of all the summer months have to offer.

Stock Up on Houseplants

Let’s start indoors. Adding a few more houseplants to your home is a smart move. They can improve mood, purify air, and make a room feel cooler. Plants release moisture into the air, which helps regulate the relative humidity of a room and can make it feel more comfortable.

Take Your Vitamin C

Researchers have found that vitamin C increases your tolerance for heat by delaying sweat gland fatigue, which reduces the occurrence of heat exhaustion and prickly heat rash. It can also keep your body temperature from rising during heat exposure, so you might want to consider adding vitamin C to your supplement arsenal.

Add Some Spice to Your Life

Believe it or not, it turns out that eating something hot is a great way to stay cool. Spicy food makes your body respond by producing sweat to cool you down, thus lowering your body temperature. This happens even though your body temperature doesn’t actually go up from spicy food.

Avoid Ice Cream

I know, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the high fat content in ice cream makes it tough to digest. The extra energy your digestive system has to use can actually raise your body temperature. Maybe try low-fat or fat-free frozen goodies as an alternative.

Go Easy on Proteins

Don’t skip the barbeque, but you might want to go easy on the meat. High-protein foods like red meat require a lot of energy to digest and can raise your body temperature. So ease up on the burgers and go light with your meals.

Enjoy a Cool Car

Not in how it looks, but how it feels. Cool down your car faster on a hot summer day by creating a cross-breeze. Roll down a window on the passenger side of the car. Then open and close the door opposite that window several times to quickly draw the hot air out and cool the interior faster.

Eat Water-Packed Foods

Dehydration is always a concern during the summer. Be smart, and stay cool, by sneaking in more water by snacking on seasonal produce like watermelon, cantaloupes, and cucumbers that contain loads of H2O.

Stick Your Feet in the Water

Not only is soaking your feet a great way to relax and unwind, it’s also a terrific way to stay cool. The blood vessels in your feet are very near your skin’s surface, dipping them into a cool pool, bathtub, or lake can give you instant relief from the heat.

I hope these out-of-the-ordinary tips scan help you stay chill during the summer months. Enjoy and stay well.

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