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Hope Springs Eternal

Apr 5, 2021 2:06:37 PM / by GHR Technology

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Hopeful WomanHope is the belief one holds during tough times that things will get better.

By our very nature, humans are a hopeful species. It allows us to withstand, overcome, heal, and grow as a person. Hope helps us envision that a challenge or threat can be defeated, and that there will be a “better tomorrow."

With the continued distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, our hope of a better tomorrow seems closer and closer to a reality. We all are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

A Reality Check

As exciting as the prospect of putting the past year behind us is, our experience with the coronavirus tells us that nothing about it is easy. Inevitably, there will be plot twists, surprises, and occasional setbacks in the months ahead.

And that’s ok, it is the way of progress. Two steps forward, one step back…but never stopping. One of my favorite quotes is, “A little progress every day adds up to big results.”

The key is, despite the inevitable ups and downs, never lose hope.

Manage Your Mindset 

Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and maintain a healthy perspective on this next phase of the process. 

  • It will not happen overnight. Focus on the progress we make, not just the end result we want. Celebrate each successful step in the process.
  • Avoid setting false expectations. We all are eager to return to some version of normal. Accept that it will take the time it takes. Don’t set arbitrary timelines on progress.
  • Acknowledge your feelings. We all experience moments of disappointment. Accept them and share your feelings with others. Remember, we all face similar concerns and it helps to voice them.

Control What You Can, Don’t Sweat the Rest 

Focus your energy on those things you can control. An important key to your mental and physical well-being is avoiding wasted energy on things outside your influence. 

  • Stay focused on exercise, healthy eating and connecting with friends and family. 
  • Reset your personal and professional goals based on today’s realities. 
  • Accept change as a part of life and a catalyst for new opportunities. 
  • Take ten minutes each day for yourself – relax, meditate, go for a walk…whatever it takes to mentally escape and reset yourself. 

We all face some amount of uncertainty in the months ahead. Remaining mentally strong, adapting to change, and creating a new normal for ourselves will help you maintain a positive outlook and healthy mindset moving forward.

Stay hopeful. Stay well. 

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