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5 Keys to Improving Your Temporary Employee ROI

Jan 17, 2018 1:21:00 PM / by General Healthcare Resources

GHR Technology has worked with hundreds of healthcare facilities across the nation, helping them better understand and solve their staffing challenges.  

We specialize in placing non-clinical personnel in temporary, temp-to-perm and direct hire positions. Through our consulting services, we streamline your hiring processes, identify areas for cost reduction and help improve your staff retention – objective advice helping you do more with less.working at desk

We would love to do the same for you.

  • First, you get an invoice, it spells out in no uncertain terms the cost of that person
  • Next, that invoice includes their full burden, an expense frequently forgotten in looking at full-time employee costs
  • Finally, you are 100% objective in viewing a temporary employee; you don’t have any relationship blinders like you might with a full-time employee

Bottom-line, you are more aware of the temporary employee's impact on your bottom-line; both in productivity and cost. So, the question becomes, how do you get the most out of your investment?  How do you improve your ROI?

Here are the top five ways to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, and give that temporary employee their best chance at proving themselves as a superstar:

  1.  Build a Foundation for Success: Before you make a call to your staffing partner, invest a little time up-front to prepare.  Start by identifying what you need this person to do.  Determine what the scope of their assignment is and what you need to get done.  From that, list the skills and experience the person needs to do the job.  Now you can provide enough insight to yur temporary agency that they can identify the right person for what you need.
  1.  Grease the Skids: Make sure your temporary employee gets off to a fast start.  Take ten minutes and sit down with them when they arrive (or have whoever is managing them do it) and set expectations.  Prioritize their tasks to give them a clear plan of attack.  Assign them a mentor to help acclimate them into your culture and answer logistical questions.  Make sure their work area is set-up and ready to go when they get there.
  1.  All for One, One for All: Too often a talented employee shows up for a temporary job and is stashed in the corner, ignored by the team and left to operate in a vacuum.  We’re not saying you have to throw them a party or take them to a ballgame, but you can build a supportive environment for them to work in.  Talk to your team before the person arrives and explain the person’s role.  Take the time to introduce them around their first morning.  If you treat them like a part of the team, your other employees most likely will too.
  1.  An Ounce of Prevention: No one expects you to dedicate all of your time to managing your temporary employee, however, if you want to get full value for your money, you need to invest some time.  Sit down with the person at the end of the first day to see how things are going and provide feedback.  If appropriate, touch base at the start of the first few days he or she is on assignment to set a clear direction.  As Ronald Reagan used to say, “trust, but verify.” Frequent communication means identifying small issues before they become big problems.
  2.  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: OK, you’re not interested in who is fairest in the land, but you do need to ask yourself if you’re being fair to your temporary employee.  Are you being tougher on them than you are with your full-time employees?  Are you demanding unreasonable results?  Are you giving the person a fair chance?  And don’t forget the other side of the coin.  Are you being too easy on them?  Are you excusing poor performance because they’re just a “temp?”  Employees – temporary or full-time – respond best to honest, fair feedback and direction.

If your temporary staffing partner is doing their job right, every employee they send you wants to do a good job.  The person’s success, and the return you get form your investment, largely comes down you.  Remember, the performance you get from an employee, of any type, is almost always the result of what you’re willing to give.



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