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5 Reasons You Need to Take Advantage of Every Assignment

Nov 2, 2018 1:50:00 PM / by General Healthcare Resources

A Temporary Assignment, Not a Temporary Opportunity

Companies and healthcare organizations of all sizes are constantly in need of extra help. They need qualified professionals to step-in and provide additional hands to get things done – maybe for a few weeks, sometimes for several months or longer. That is the nature of temporary work.

But, as an employee on a temporary assignment, you should never discount the importance or the opportunity these shorter-term positions offer you.

Regardless of your career goals, temporary jobs are an excellent way to grow personally and professionally. In fact, beyond the obvious advantages of having a job and getting paid, a temporary assignment provides you with five major opportunities you must take advantage of!

1. Insight and Knowledge

What do you enjoy doing? What kind of managers do you work best with? What industries do you enjoy? These are the types of things you learn through temporary assignments, without having your resume look like you’re riding a pogo stick. With each temporary job, you’re gaining insight about yourself, what you like doing and what kind of career you want to have.

2. There’s No Substitute for Experience

Have a pretty good idea of what you want to do? Then use temporary assignments to gain experience in the area you want to move your career. Talk with your agency and be deliberate with your assignment choices. Focus on jobs that give you additional exposure to what you want to do or provides you with an entry into a new area of specialization. Use each job to build your experience and, most importantly, your attractiveness to future employers.

3. Build a Killer Resumeresume

You’re gaining insight into your career path. Each job is adding to your professional experience. Now, take the time to tell the right story on your resume! Don’t just provide a laundry list of places and dates. Most hiring managers see hundreds of resumes a week. Make yours stand out. Sell who you are and what you know. With each job highlight what you did, what you learned and how that prepares you to be a great employee for the company you’re sending it to. Leverage your work history and experience to knock their socks off.

4. Good Impressions Pay Off

Every temporary position you work is an unbelievable opportunity to make a positive impression on the people you work with. Take full advantage. An amazing number of temporary positions lead to full-time employment – either the temporary position becomes a permanent job or by showing the company that you are too strong of an asset to lose and they hire you for a different position. It’s your chance to prove yourself and your value as an employee.

5. Improve Your Professional Network

But not every temporary job turns into a full-time job. That’s ok, because every assignment does provide you the chance to build your network of professional contacts. Make an effort to get to know the people you’re working with. Start building relationships. Connect with them through LinkedIn. Ask them for endorsements if appropriate. Get letters of recommendation. Check with your manager to see if you can add them to your reference list. Don’t just “do” the job, “work” the job for all it’s worth.

Whether you’re looking for your first job, or your next job, successful careers do not happen by accident. Take advantage of every opportunity to grow your experience, build your resume and strengthen your professional network. And remember that each job, temporary or permanent, is a stepping stone to your future.


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